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January 22 2016






Dwelling in Maine, LLC is proud to announce the opening of Midcoast Maine’s newest complete boutique real estate agency on the second floor with the Shepherd Building, 18 Central Street in Rockport Village. real estate in Maine


The boutique enterprize model for real estate brokerage has become popular and has proven effective in the last several years in conjunction with changes to real estate property technology and resulting consumer habits. Thanks to the Internet and the increased usage of smart phones, the need of a realtor to provide proprietary facts about available properties is diminishing. Dwelling in Maine was founded with the belief that, on this new business environment, real estate property agencies must provide exceptional service to their clientele and rehearse intelligent use of technology to promote its portfolio of properties. Dwelling in Maine is combining a team of experienced professionals who offer a full portfolio of real-estate services while focusing on marketing and internet based development. Camden Real Estate


“The real estate industry is different. Our clients want and need a more diverse skill set, a stronger focus on technology, along with a higher level of customer service from their real estate agent. I am very happy to offer this on the Midcoast Maine Community. We’re not just another traditional offline real estate agency.” - Victoria Condon, Founding Broker

Rockport Maine Real Estate





Dwelling in Maine is often a boutique, full service reatlor based in Rockport Maine. The agency is devoted to providing exceptional service to its clientele while employing intelligent use of technology to market its portfolio of properties. Dwelling in Maine services the coastal and rural communities of Knox, Waldo and Lincoln Counties including the towns of Camden, Hope, Lincolnville, Northport, Owls Head, Rockland, Rockport, Saint George, South Thomaston, Thomaston, Warren, Union, among others. Real estate brokers in Maine


Media Contact:

Victoria Condon


PO Box 144

Rockport, ME 04856

Web: www.dwellinginmaine.com

Social FB/Twitter/Instagram: /dwellinginmaine

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